Our Story

How We Met

We went to the same highschool but didn't know each other at all until the last month of senior year. We had mutual friends that convinced him to ask me to prom but just as friends. He asked me to prom in the hallway with a cute "prom-posal" that involved following string throughout the school. He was at the end of the string with a sign. He was so nervous that he didn't even recognize that I was right in front of him. It was hilarious.

The Proposal

Randy wanted to go on a vacation just me and him to celebrate me graduating nursing school and us moving in together. We decided to go to Cozumel which was amazing! The day of the proposal my bestfriends were telling me "Oh , it's vacation, of course he's going to ask you it's too perfect!". Meanwhile I knew that he was dead set on asking me on NYE so I thought that it was obviously not going to happen so I shouldn't get my hopes up. That night we went to a nice dinner. He wasn't eating much food and he was quiter than usual but I figured he was just tired since we had a long day of snorkeling that day. At the end of dinner he said that we should get some pictures of us two and waved down our waiter. We took a few regular pictures. I thanked our waiter and went to grab my phone but then Randy said "hey, just keep taking pictures" and dropped to one knee. I was shocked to say the least. He forgot his speech out of nerves, I balled like a baby, it was perfect.
Summer Winkelman